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Weekly Success Fast-Track Mastermind Calls

Ask Derek questions to discover exactly what to do in your business. Get personal feedback on your book title, cover, description, website, marketing plan, emails, podcast and influencer pitches, ads, and anything else you want to ask. Also, get insights from fellow authors to unleash the power of masterminding.

Unlike Facebook groups and forums where you'll be left confused contradictory advice, Derek will cut through the noise and provide a clear, doable action plan for you to implement right now. Or, simply watch and learn from the breakthroughs other authors like you experience in on the calls.

Can't make it live? All good. Submit your questions in advance and watch the recording in your members area.

Technology Support

Setting up autoresponders... purchasing new websites, building landing pages... creating Facebook ads... all of these can cause headaches for authors. Free yourself from technology agony and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a go-to technology guide.

On your coaching calls, you can get assistance for the resources I teach which include: ConvertKit, Wordpress, Leadpages, GrooveFunnels, Facebook ads, Amazon ads, BookBub ads. Other services may be available upon request.

Note: If a topic has been covered already, you'll be asked to watch the tutorial in the members area as well as watch tutorials provided by these companies. Then you can bring your questions to the call. Note: Tech training is specific to the programs you'll learn about in the membership. This is not for computer related issues (Mac and PC issues) 

Advanced Book Sales, Business, and Marketing Tactics

You'll regularly receive new trainings on all things authorship and business. These includes breakdowns of winning emails and ad campaigns from Derek and other authors. Strategies to build your fanbase. Tips to increase sales without spending any more money. And little-known "tricks" to stand out from the sea of competition.

You'll find extremely detailed, step-by-step instructions eliminating all the guesswork. Plus, get high level "what's working now" concepts to inspire your own creative breakthroughs. 

Exclusive VIP Deals Non-Members Will Miss Out On

This membership can potentially pay for itself and even put more money in your pocket with the discounts you'll receive. Derek will use his negotiation skills and years of industry connections to secure for you exclusive deals. While non-members will be paying more for the exact same products and services.

Also, Insiders may receive early discounted beta access to new courses from Derek at a discount. The potential savings could end up being worth hundreds to thousands of dollars per year.

After you enroll, you'll be instantly eligible for a $100 off a book description from Bryan Cohen's service. 

Exclusive Expert Interviews

Get private interviews you won't find anywhere else. These may include consulting calls Derek's paid to secure the rights for.

If Derek doesn't have the answer to a pressing concern of yours, he can seek out and find an expert to come and provide insights.

KD Sales Machine + Bestseller Journey Simplified Course Access

KD Sales Machine will walk you through the Amazon advertising process. You'll discover how to create, optimize, and scale ads to generate sales on autopilot. Plus you'll get done-for-you keywords to copy and paste into your own campaign.

The Bestseller Journey provides a step-by-step roadmap to go from zero to bestselling book. It removes all the guesswork and reveals how to find readers from scratch, get reviews, promote your book, and potentially sell hundreds of copies during launch with ZERO to LOW-cost marketing methods.

You can access these trainings as long as you're active as a member. 

Plus Get Access To All Past and Present Monthly Challenges

You'll get fun challenges to keep you focused and motivated. 

These challenges will break down tasks into simple, daily action steps delivered via email and a Facebook group (optional). 

These can be and will be sold independently. However, as an active Insider, you'll get access to these challenges plus VIP coaching.

You also get access to ALL the prior month's challenges in your members' area as long as you're an active member.

Influence for Authors Challenge

  • Get the principles of influence to lead peers and prospects to say "Yes!" to your requests 
  • Discover proven techniques to turn diehard skeptics into raving fans
  • ​Supercharge your charisma, confidence, and leadership abilities with simple practices
  • ​Uncover counter-intuitive tactics that lead to more sales with less effort
  • ​Overcome objections without being pushy, obnoxious, or overly salesy

BookBub Ad Challenge

  • Find the ideal ad targets for the best odds of getting a return on investment
  • ​Create winning ad copy that drives clicks to your book
  • ​Use different bidding strategies to ensure you get the most traffic for the least spend
  • ​Design winning BookBub ad images even if you have zero design experience
  • ​Leverage ads to potentially generate *audiobook* sales

The Stand Out To Profit Challenge

  • Discover what makes you unique among all the other authors out there to grab attention and attract lifelong raving fans.
  • ​Position yourself as one-of-a-kind so the "competition" becomes irrelevant.
  • ​Unleash the power of Skill Stacking, Inversion Framing, Lateral Chunking, Radical Utilization, and more to unlock your inner genius. 
  • Reveal your unique values, strengths, and skills to drive more book sales.
  • ​Gain potential word-of-mouth referral marketing as your fans promote you on your behalf.

The Peak State Activation Challenge

  • Proven techniques to almost instantly shift from stress and fear to calm and confident. 
  • ​The POWER Breathing Technique to supercharge your performance and creativity on command. 
  • A clinical psychiatrist's "Shred Method" to banish negative mind-chatter in minutes.  
  • Eliminate the "State Destroyers" that cause distraction, procrastination, and resistance. 
  • Tap into "Neurological Loopholes" to get more done with less effort. 

Beyond Royalties Challenge

  • Simple strategies to near-instantly add more revenue to your author business... WITHOUT having to write more books.
  • ​Gain extra income and sales promoting OTHER authors' books and audiobooks.
  • ​Create and sell merchandise to your fans as both a fiction and non-fiction author.
  • See how to get paid to share products and services you love.
  • Discover 'Untapped Potential' to earn more income without needing any more sales or followers. 

Video Marketing For Authors Challenge

  • Simple tricks to almost instantly become more relaxed, confident, and natural on camera.
  • ​How to rock audio and video interviews so listeners want to buy from you.
  • ​Create 4 marketing videos using provided prompts (with examples) that promote you and your work.
  • ​See my feedback on video submissions to improve content and quality. 
  • ​Specific tactics to make your videos stand out from the crowd so you get noticed in a noisy world of competing authors.

Get Book Reviews Challenge

  • ​How to find your ideal book reviewers so you aren't stuck begging family and friends (who are NOT the people you want leaving a review).
  • ​How to ethically motivate readers to leave an honest review without offering an incentive (which is against Amazon's Terms of Service). Never again worry about people agreeing to leave a review and then having to chase them down when they don't.
  • ​How to create a Beta Reader group with the exact terms you should have for people to join.
  • ​How to elicit key details from the reviewer so their isn't review isn't generic or contrived, but rather sells your book.
  • ​How to do reviewer outreach without being annoying and spammy.

Influencer Outreach Challenge

  • How to find influencers to promote your book... even if you're just starting out from scratch and have no name recognition or following.
  • What to say to influencers that get them to excited to respond to your messages.
  • A 52-second "trick" that makes you stand out from any other people who've messaged them.
  • ​When you should and should NOT ask them to promote your book... and exactly how to approach the request so they'll be excited about the opportunity.
  • ​The best deals you can create with influencers that get them to say "yes" to share your book regardless of your audience size or budget.

Hero's Journey Challenge

  • ​Create your own personal Hero's Journey to connect with your readers and get them to fall in love with you. 
  • ​​Strategies from Hollywood screenwriters like Michael Hauge to give your stories the "can't stop reading" factor.
  • ​Step-by-step prompts to unleash your Hero's Journey story from start to finish.
  • ​How to use your Hero's Journey in your marketing to potentially increase book sales.
  • ​Simple storytelling methods to instantly hook readers into any story you tell.

The POWER Productivity and Goal Achievement Challenge

  • What to do when you're feeling overwhelmed and scattered in different directions with TONS of ideas... but no clue about which ideas to pursue.
  • The secrets of “Purpose Compounding” to create motivation on command and turn even dreaded tasks into activities you’ll love.
  • A Stanford psychological researcher’s counter-intuitive approach to eliminate procrastination… that works for even the ‘laziest’ people. When done correctly, this has a 100% success rate at getting you to take action.
  • ​How to create a game plan for success even when "no plan survives the battlefield." Perfect for creatives who prefer a flexible approach and don't want to be locked into a rigid schedule.
  • ​The 3-Magic Words Technique that instantly eliminates any fear, overwhelm, and overload. One woman said, “This was in some ways more effective than 15 years of therapy.”

Email Marketing For Authors Challenge

  • How to create captivating emails that sell your book... even if you have no idea what to write about.
  • ​How to come up with hot topics for both fiction and non-fiction genres when you don't want to tell your own personal stories.
  • ​The 5-Part Followup Sequence that builds know, like, and trust for new subscribers. (See each email in full detail)
  • ​The 'Short N' Sweet Email' that eliminates the stress of "What do I write?" and "What if I don't have anything brilliant to say?" Use this when you need an easy way to write an email fast.
  • The email strategy that gets Amazon's Algorithm to KEEP a new book selling after launch... instead of having sales plummet when you stop promoting.

Reader Magnet Challenge

  • The best styles of Reader Magnet to attract your ideal fans with tips on which to use each style.
  • ​What to do when you're short on time and need create a Reader Magnet in less than an hour. (In some cases, as little as 7 minutes)
  • ​​Feedback on authors' Reader Magnets to see what does and does NOT work.
  • ​​Step-by-step technical walkthroughs to create the magnet, set up the opt-in pages, and deliver the magnet automatically.
  • ​​How to test your Reader Magnet ideas so you have confidence the specific Reader Magnet you offer will resonate with your ideal audience.
Meet Your Coach
Derek Doepker
I went from a broke valet parker to 7-time bestselling author. When I saw that even a "no name" aspiring author could become a #1 bestseller in some of the most competitive categories, I decided to start coaching other authors.

I now share the free and low-cost marketing strategies that empowered me to sell over 75,000 books. 

My passion for coaching led me to become an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) certified trainer to further support authors.  

Hear From Insiders How This Program Made All The Difference... Along With Lessons + Breakthroughs They've Experienced

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This For My Book's Genre?
Bestseller Secrets Monthly Mentoring is for fiction and non-fiction authors alike. While some specific strategies and resources may be genre dependent, around 80% of content should be relevant for your style of book. While I personally write in non-fiction, many of my coaching clients are fiction authors. After helping over 10,000 authors over 7 years, I've found best principles that work for the vast majority of authors.
What If I No Longer Want Mentorship?
Even though most authors continue with coaching as it keeps them accountable and provides confidence knowing they have a helping hand to turn to for answers, there's no long-term commitment. If at any point you no longer want this mentorship and support, you can cancel at any time - no hard feelings.

If you wish to rejoin at a later date, you'll pay whatever the current rate is for membership if spots are available and at Derek's discretion.

If you'd no longer like to continue your membership, send an email to for a no questions asked cancellation. 
Will This Help Me Beyond Book Sales?
Book sales are just the tip of the iceberg. You can get assistance with selling your courses, coaching, merchandise, and other assets that generate income for you. You're encouraged to bring questions related to writing, productivity, marketing, copywriting, branding, messaging, influence, and other areas of business.
I Already Own Multiple Courses, Why Enroll In This?
The more information you have, the more you need coaching to determine what NOT to focus on. Overload and overwhelm are signs of treating all tasks equally. The cure is prioritization. Mentorship helps you prioritize what's most important right now to maximize your sales and give you a sense of clarity on how to proceed.
What If I Can't Make Every Call?
Call attendance is entirely up to you. If you wish to show up or watch every call to learn as much as you can from other students, that's great. If you'd prefer to simply show up whenever you have a question, that's also great. This membership is designed like a buffet where you get to pick and choose what you want to consume. As more trainings are added to the archives, you'll be able to pinpoint the precise trainings you wish to watch based on your goals.
What's The Time Commitment?
You can invest as much or as little into this as you'd like. You may find all you need is to hop on a single call, get your question answered in 5 minutes, and the insights you get in that short time will be worth your entire investment. Or, you may never even use the mentoring but just want to get the special discounts. This membership is built so you can pick and choose what's most relevant to you.

In terms of how much time does writing and marketing a book take, it will vary depending on your goals. My focus is on getting you focused on the 20% activities that deliver 80% results. This is why I don't spend more than an hour or two a day, most days, on marketing. Oftentimes even less. The goal is to build an automated machine so you can enjoy your life, spend time with loved ones, write and create what you want, and enjoy sales coming in while you sleep.
How Much Coaching Do I Get?
Calls will be every week except for holidays and times of extended travel. If a question requires in-depth coaching or training, then you'll get guidance on the best direction to head in for further assistance. If there's extra time, you can have me review multiple topics per call.

For the first month, questions may be spaced out over several calls as a larger influx of students come in. This means not every question may be answered on the first call or two. You will however be able to submit a question every week and all questions will be addressed by the end of the month. This also gives you time to consume the generous library of content already available inside the members area.
When Is The Right Time To Start Coaching?
The ideal time to start coaching is before you've begun writing your first book. This saves you from making mistakes and gives you shortcuts from the start to save time and money.

However, some authors get started after they've already published or started selling books. No matter where you're at on the journey, I'll meet you there and work to find the perfect game plan based on your goals. 
Will I Owe You Any Royalties From Additional Money I Make?
No. You keep all the additional revenue you generate even when it comes as a direct result of my feedback, mentoring, or copy changes. I would appreciate if you share your successes with me and the other Bestseller Secrets Insider members to inspire them by your example.
Is There A Refund Guarantee?
Due to the fact this involves live coaching and there are limited spots, there are no refunds and all sales are final. If there's something you wish to get out of this program that isn't already provided, you may ask for what you'd like. If you're not sure whether this is a fit for you, email Derek with any questions.

Refunds may be provided due to accidental purchases or other billing issues. 
How Do I Access The Content?
All content will be hosted in a private members portal. Live calls are hosted on Zoom and times will vary to accommodate different time zones. You can submit your questions in advance if you can't make it to a live call and watch the recording after. Challenges will take place both via email and Facebook (Facebook participation not required). 
Will everyone be accepted?
While authors of all genres are welcome, Derek may cancel the membership (with a refund) of a member if they're deemed not to be a fit for the coaching group for any reason.  
Why Is This So Affordable?
By answering one person's question, it can help 100 other students at the same time. One-on-one coaching doesn't provide this same leverage, which is why that's a higher investment. From a self-serving perspective, you're also helping me create new content that I may later sell at a higher price to non-members. Plus your breakthroughs, successes, and wins all generate buzz about my coaching. I'm practicing what my mentors have taught me... over-deliver for your clients, help them succeed, and they'll be your best advocates.

Discount rate is available for a limited time. Whatever rate you enroll at, you'll be locked into so long as you remain a member.

Enroll Today For Just $79 A Month 

Individual results may vary. No sales results are guaranteed. Your sales depend on your marketing abilities and market demand.

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